Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Me in Costa Rica?...Finally

I remember throughout high school and college continually bugging my parents about going to Costa Rica.  Well now, as a recent graduate, I get a chance to live in Costa Rica for the duration of a year.  I will be serving as the Companion Diocese Officer between the Dioceses of North Carolina and Costa Rica.  A year gone is a challenge that I feel I am able to take on and learn about myself.  It will give me valuable experience for the future not only for my interested line of work (International Development), but also as a person.  I have the wonderful opportunity of working with Bishop Hector Monterroso in Costa Rica to help continue and grow he companion relationship with North Carolina.  Being from North Carolina, I found this placement too good to pass up when I heard about it during my discernment weekend as part of the Young Adult Service Corp.  I can honestly say I am nervous, yet excited to see what happens in the coming year.