Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pictures on Pictures on Pictures

Ok so this post is just a lot of pics.  I will give them captions so nobody gets lost... Enjoy!

My worst nightmare...public speaking!  @ NC Diocesan Convention in January

Props to St. Tim's WS for gutting this trench out!
St. Timothy's Winston Salem Mission Group January '13

St. Paul's Riverside Connecticut Mission Group Jan/Feb '13

St. Paul's CT masterpiece.  Note the clouds!

St. Paul's day trip up to Poas Volcano.  Care for a swim anyone?

Putting in the floor for the kitchen @ La Ascensión 

The shell of the kitchen

Plaster commence 

Prepping for plaster

Making a mess of the kitchen before it can be clean

Working hard

That paint job is pretty good if I say so myself

The final product

The new kitchen for La Ascensión!!!

Costa Rica has the coolest wildlife

Tropical paradise

Like I said, Costa Rica has the coolest wildlife (except this  is not wild)

Davidson College making that nursery look nice

Always nervous when someone gets up on the ladder

La Ascensión is down! I repeat! La Ascensión is down!

Almost ready to start bringing a new sanctuary to this parish

Hope you liked it! Further posts will have both prose and pics

Pura Vida

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  1. WOW! Amazing photos Ryan. Thanks for posting! THS is hard at work...

    Have a blessed Holy Week!

    ~ Beth